Freelance Developer
Android. Firebase. Kotlin.



Who is Nick Skelton?

I am a Freelance Android Developer with over six years experience in Android. I have been working in mobile development since Windows CE (yes, I’m old). I have worked with many great developers and have learned to use patterns such as MVP, MVC, MVVM as well as less known patterns such as EventBus Architecture. I have spoken in conferences such as DroidCon and UAMobiTech in various cities in Europe and am active in the Meetups scene in Munich .

What kind of technologies do you work with?

Android is currently transitioning from Java to Kotlin. For Java, I use Lombok, Butterknife, Picasso, OKHttp to name a few. Kotlin will reduce the need for many of these libraries, incorporating them into its modern feature set. I’m also an old advocate of Continuous Integration and have written many articles on CI including finding the perfect version code. I am currently writing a series on Android and Firebase, but have worked with various other support platforms such as HockeyApp, Amazon Services, as well as testing platforms such as TestObject.

What kind of apps do you make?

All kinds! Big long terms projects such as Sixt and FetchTV with hundreds of lines of code and complex features down to simple but cool apps like the Spartacus Workout, my first big breakthrough, a simple countdown timer for exercising. I also enjoy participating in the design of the backend and consider myself a full stack developer. I enjoy making apps that are responsive with Clean Code, regular releases and built with like-minded professionals who love what they do. I enjoy learning from the people I work with as well as mentoring junior developers.

And what about your own projects?

I am always keeping busy in my own time. I recently took some time off to write full time. I finished my first book and am currently co-authoring a book with Google Developer Expert Enrique Lopez Manas about Kotlin in Android with the help of the Kotlin crew here in Munich. I am also writing a series of how to guides for the Firebase platform, a replacement (and then some) for the popular Parse platform. I am always developing a side project with colleagues after work. Currently that is a Salad app with Kati.